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War and love

Experience the dramatic story of four of the great figures of the Middle Ages. Use Tidslommen, get a good story in your ears and explore Ringsted, Sorø, Slagelse and Kalundborg.

Guided tours

Secret castles, forgotten ruins, idyllic mills, vast forests and beautiful moors. The Time Pocket offers a wealth of free guided tours with movies and audio. See e.g. about the trip to Næsholm in the film here.


Join a sacrifice, help the medical monks collect herbs, fight pirates, help in the field! The Time Pocket has cool games targeted at kids and families. See more in the film here and in Tidslommen!   

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Museum Vestsjælland Podcasts - get the story right in your ear - completely free

Museum Vestsjælland Podcasts gives you stories about everything from everyday life to the big events. You can, for example, hear about the Harpoon missile that hit a holiday home area in Lumsås, about the Odsherred painters and about the post-war children who played at Holbæk Harbor.

Historian and podcast producer Sarah Sander Laugesen is the host, and takes you on a time travel in West Zealand.
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Egnsvis - stories from our common past

The Egnsvis series is produced in the project Online cultural dissemination in a collaboration between Museum Vestsjælland, Museum Lolland-Falster, Frederiksbergmuseerne, Oplevelsescenter Nyvang and Observatoriet i Brorfelde. The project is supported by the Augustinus Foundation, the Beckett Foundation and the Palaces and Culture Agency.


Buy the movie From Noble to Nazi?

The film tells the story of Valdemar Rørdam and his time at Malergården in Odsherred. Playing time: 13 minutes.

Buy all five movies

You get access to all five films: Behind Lola's Eyes, A Man's Obsession, From Noble to Nazi? The Fall of a Poet, Kamma. HC Andersen's guiding star and Closer to the stars. Total playing time: 1 hour and 11 minutes.

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From Nobel to Nazi? The fall of a poet
Playing time: 13 minutes. Museum Vestsjælland.

In Museum Vestsjællands film, From Nobel to Nazi? The fall of a poet, we follow Valdemar Rørdam and his turbulent time at Malergården in Odsherred during the occupation. Rørdam was a highly respected poet in the early 1900s and was stumbling close to a Nobel Prize. But during the occupation, his attitudes took a dangerous turn.

Kamma. Hans Christian Andersen's guiding star
Playing time: 13 minutes. Frederiksberg Museums.

In the movie Kamma. Hans Christian Andersen's guiding star from the Frederiksberg Museums we meet Kamma Rahbæk and her house Bakkehuset. Rahbæk held numerous parties in Bakkehuset where writers and artists from near and far appeared. Hear about Rahbæk's encounter with HC Andersen and her tragic fate.

Behind Lola's eyes
Playing time: 16 minutes. Museum Lolland-Falster.

In the documentary Behind Lola's eyes from Museum Lolland-Falster we follow the Stone Age girl Lola. Here, the veil is lifted for some of the secrets her DNA hides.

A human occupation
Playing time: 11 minutes. Not suitable for children under 15 years. Experience center Nyvang.

In the narrative A human occupation from Oplevelsescenter Nyvang you get a dramatic film about dilemmas during the occupation. What happens if you are faced with the ultimate: to kill another human being?

Closer to the stars
Playing time: 17 minutes. The observatory in Brorfelde.

In the movie Closer to the stars you will be taken on a journey into the universe with the Observatory in Brorfelde. See the telescopes used to obtain measurements for the American lunar landing in 1969 and help ponder man's inherent curiosity about the universe and its infinity.

The films have been developed in a collaboration between Museum Vestsjælland, Museum Lolland-Falster, Frederiksbergmuseerne, Oplevelsescenter Nyvang and Observatoriet i Brorfelde.

The project is supported by the Beckett Foundation, the Augustinus Foundation and the Palaces and Culture Agency.

You and your household have personal access to these movies and you may not send the movies to people outside your household.

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