Volunteers make a difference!

Some volunteers know our collections by heart. Other volunteers are indispensable in connection with the organization of events. Some work behind the scenes or in the garden, while others stand in the front row and ensure that the museum's guests have the best experience.

Whether it is about objects, communication, archeology or practical tasks, Museum Vestsjælland appreciates and appreciates all its 300 volunteers. The museum considers volunteers as super users and together we are Central and West Zealand's shared memory, and creators of spaces where everyone can experience and explore our rich cultural heritage.

Everyone has a personal reason for becoming a volunteer, and we are based on the individual's motivation in connection with tasks and work areas. If you have specialist knowledge in an area, we would like to make use of it. If you are not an expert, but just want to learn something about history, then there is also room for you. Others may want to learn from them, do something with their hands or bring to life and communicate as a historical person.   

Also read this comprehensive guide from the A-Kasse guide on the rules for voluntary work when receiving public benefits.

The super users are the whipped cream that makes it a little better, a little nicer and a little more fun for guests to visit the museum or for employees to go to work.

Read our introduction to new volunteers.

Jonas Riff Books
Event and activity coordinator

Have you felt like becoming a super user at Museum Vestsjælland?

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Museum Vestsjælland has a number of focus areas where we especially want new super users or volunteers. It is in connection with the care of gardens and green areas, conducting dissemination activities for and with our guests, creating atmosphere and practical tasks in cafe and audience areas, staging and bringing our stories to life and specialists in microhistorical topics. 

Museum Vestsjælland has a volunteer coordinator you can always write or call and who can guide you to the right corner of the organization. You can also visit your local showroom and have a chat with one of our local coordinators. It may also be that you know someone who is already a volunteer and can take him or her on a "job" at the museum. Many volunteers work together in guilds or small groups. These guilds and working groups have often organized themselves with a chairman or contact person for the museum and organize work tasks within the group. They have emerged from communities of interest and people and have been around for a number of years. There is thus a big difference in which guilds and working groups already exist in the individual exhibition houses.

See the list above Volunteer guilds and groups for contact information on volunteer coordinator and local coordinators.


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