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Museum Vestsjælland is obliged to provide information on how we handle personal data. We want to explain how we collect, process, store and protect personal data. This is done on the basis of the Data Protection Act (L68 of 25 October 2017), which is based on EU Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (the Data Protection Regulation ), which entered into force 25 / 5-2018.

Purpose and basis for treatment

Staff - all employees in Museum Vestsjælland provide a number of personal information when hiring (name, contact information, civil registration number, bank information, application, CV, possibly car registration number, etc.). This information is stored in the museum's archive for administrative reasons until 5 years after the termination of employment, after which the information is destroyed.

Interns and other externally engaged people from the public system who work for Museum Vestsjælland for shorter periods - personal information is provided (name, contact information, civil registration number) so that the museum can register the person's working hours, and these hours may can be transferred to the relevant public authority with regard to salary payment / benefit from this authority. Personal data is stored for 5 years, after which it is destroyed.

Persons who transfer material to the museum's and archive's collections (donors) - Upon transfer, the donor must sign a document in which the donor transfers the material and where it is stated that the name and contact information will be stored in the museum's archive. The Museums Act requires that all material incorporated in the collection must be stored for time and eternity, which is why the donor's personal information is also stored in the same period. The donor's contact information, as well as the transfer document itself, is never transferred to third parties and is only stored in the museum's closed administrative archives.

Personal information regarding objects, archives or pictures, etc. transferred as part of the transfer of the material will be available to the public in the museum's registries, as it is registered by the material, in some cases on the Internet and the museum's social media.

For archives and images transferred to Ringsted Archive, transferred personal information will also be publicly available to the archive's users. The provisions of the Archives Act regarding clause in a specific number of years are applied to a relevant extent.

Volunteers working for Museum Vestsjælland - volunteers must sign a volunteer contract stating the scope and type of work. This contract states the person's name, contact details, and in some cases contact details of the next of kin. This personal information is stored in the museum's administrative archive until 1 year after the agreement on the voluntary work expires. The personal information is then deleted from contact lists and forms.

For people who work in places where children also come, the company is obliged to obtain child certificates and criminal records. Children come to Museum Vestsjælland's departments regularly, and everyone, volunteers and employees, must therefore at regular intervals (every 5 years) allow the museum to obtain child and criminal records from the police. These child and criminal records contain in addition to name, address and cpr. Nr. information about possible criminal offenses of the person concerned. Requests for the Certificates are sent by the person in question, who with a signature allows the Police to return the child and criminal record certificate to the museum's administration, where the museum's management and administration, including employees in HR and bookkeeping, have access to see the information. The certificates are reviewed, and it is noted on a digital form that the person in question has a blank child and criminal record certificate. The certificates themselves are then destroyed. The lists with the check of receipt of the certificates are kept for 5 years, after which they are destroyed. The information is never shared with third parties.

Volunteers who work periodically for Museum Vestsjælland (eg Ringsted Medieval Festival) - for repeated periodic events, contact information of volunteers who were active at the previous event will be stored until the next event, up to 2 years. Here, all volunteers will be contacted, and people who no longer want to be active as volunteers for the museum, will immediately thereafter be deleted from contact lists and archives.

In the case of periodic voluntary work, the museum is not legally obliged to obtain child and criminal records, which is why it does not occur.

Members of Museums Associations - Upon registration in one of Museum Vestsjællands museum associations, the registration of personal data takes place at the museum association in question. Contact information (name and email address) is shared with Museum Vestsjælland, which is responsible for sending out newsletters, leaflets and other information. The information is never shared with third parties.

Recipients of Newsletters oa. - by registering contact information, a person can receive our newsletters digitally. A name and an e-mail address are registered. The information is stored exclusively digitally on a mailing list, and is never transferred to third parties. Upon termination of newsletter, etc., this contact information is immediately deleted from the mailing list.

Connectors - Museum Vestsjælland operates with different contact groups. For example, independent archeology groups, parish contacts, partners in primary schools, day care institutions or other companies.

Unsolicited applications - personal data submitted when submitting an unsolicited application, are stored in Museum Vestsjælland's archives for up to 6 months, after which they are deleted.


Personal data information is only stored in Museum Vestsjællands archive, if express permission has been given for this. Information submitted for one specific purpose will not be transferred to other registers for other purposes, without prior express permission.

For staff, explicit permission is perceived by the person accepting the employment contract. For volunteers that they sign the volunteer contract. For trainees and other external parties that they accept in writing the public company's offer for activities for Museum Vestsjælland. For donors that they sign the transfer document.

Persons registered with Museum Vestsjælland can at any time request that their information be deleted from the museum's archive.


Personal data is stored in Museum Vestsjælland's archives for as long as it is needed, and will be deleted immediately thereafter. Depending on the information in question, the length will be as follows:

  • Administrative documents are stored for 5 years. Dating is seen in calendar years.
  • Personnel cases are discarded no later than 5 years after termination of employment. Managers and persons born on the first of a month are preserved, cf. the Archives Act.
  • Member lists are updated annually. In the event of written termination of membership, contact information will be deleted immediately.
  • Volunteers: contact information is kept for as long as the volunteer work is in progress. For periodic voluntary work (eg festival that takes place every 2 years), contact information is stored for the next festival, where all contact lists are updated, and personal data on people who no longer want to be active at Museum Vestsjælland is deleted.
  • Child and criminal records are shredded immediately after it is registered that they are blank. The lists are discarded after 5 years.
  • Unsolicited applications are stored for up to 6 months, after which they are deleted.

Museum Vestsjælland undertakes to keep personal data confidential, and only to use personal data for the purposes described. Under no circumstances will personal data be passed on to third parties without express permission, with the exception of criminal law provisions. Employees who process personal data for Museum Vestsjælland are subject to a duty of confidentiality when processing personal data.

Deletion and return of information

Persons registered with personal data in Museum Vestsjællands archives can at any time request to be informed which personal data we have registered about the person in question. The museum undertakes to respond to the request without undue delay.

Should there be errors in the museum's registered information, the person can contact the museum to have the information provided corrected. The museum undertakes, without delay, to correct incorrect information.

Persons who may be registered in Museum Vestsjælland's archives may at any time request that their data be deleted from the museum. The museum undertakes to respond to the request without undue delay.

Museum Vestsjælland does not pass on personal information to third parties without permission.

Museum Vestsjælland shares personal information on employees with the pension company in question, possibly unemployment insurance fund, and TAX. These companies are all independent data controllers.

Museum Vestsjælland has entered into data processor agreements with companies (third-party companies) that use, process or store personal data for the museum.

Duty to provide information on breaches of data security

Museum Vestsjælland has a duty to notify the Danish Data Protection Agency of breaches of data security without undue delay, as well as to persons whose personal data may be covered by the data breach. Be it accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of or access to personal data stored or processed by Museum Vestsjælland. The museum is also obliged to seek to locate such breaches of personal data security without undue delay, as well as to limit the damage to the greatest possible extent.


If you have questions for Museum Vestsjælland regarding the museum's handling of personal data, you can write to
Data responsible is: Museum Vestsjælland cvr. 32689760

Complaints guide

If you want to complain about Museum Vestsjælland's processing of personal data, you can contact: The Danish Data Protection Agency, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby, email: dt@datatilsynet.dkwww.datatilsynet.dktel: 3319 32 00.

Print Museum West Zealand's personal data policy here.


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