Family activities at Holbæk Museum

The children's loft

Oh, Captain! In the children's attic there is a sea passage when the ship is steered out to the world's oceans. In port, loading and unloading must be done by means of cranes, ropes and sack wagons. The hammock can be used after the hard work.

See! The dollhouse has grown! In the doll's room with the beautiful old furniture, it is you who is the doll. You can hold tea party, call on the old phone and cuddle on the couch with a good story.

The children's loft on the first floor of Søren May's farm is especially suitable for children from 4 to 10 years.


What is it that the earth is hiding on? In the museum's ArchaeoLAB, you are the archaeologist. You can search for ancient treasures with a metal detector or with some of the digging tools archaeologists use when uncovering finds in the ground. Become wiser about the finds by analyzing and interpreting in the same way as archaeologists do. In ArkæoLAB there are original finds and good stories from three different excavations in the Holbæk area: the Stone Age in Åmosen, the Iron Age in Svinninge and the Middle Ages in Holbæk town. Then put on the reflective vest and get ready for a few exciting hours at ArkæoLab.

ArkæoLab is especially suitable for children from 6-12 years.


City walk on your own with quiz questions for the whole family.

If you want to experience on your own, then The Hunt for Holbæk's history is a good bet. The city walk is suitable for a group of 2-6 people who are curious about the city's details, skewed angles and stories about people and houses in Holbæk. Follow the map and read the exciting stories that have been written so that everyone can understand it. At each stop on the trip, there is a quiz question that you can solve together. When the whole trip is gone and all the quiz questions are solved and the password found, there is a prize. Pick up the prize at Holbæk Museum.

The hunt for Holbæk's history bag costs DKK 95 and includes a workbook with map, clipboard, pencil and compass. It takes approx. an hour to walk and you choose when you want to leave.

The hunt for Holbæk's history - the contents of the bag


Note: Danish only