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School as in the old days (0.-3. Kl.)

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In this booklet you can read about what it was like to go to school 100 years ago. What was taught? How did the students learn to read, write and count? How was the school in the country? And in the city? What rules did the students follow during the lessons, and what happened during the breaks?


The particularly Danish? (7.-10. Kl.)

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In this teaching material, the period 1864-1920 of the history of Southern Jutland forms the basis for work on what is particularly Danish. The material is composed of a number of historical impact points and themes. Each theme has assignments associated with it that unfold the topic and contribute with different angles on the question:

What does it mean to be Danish?

Our stories - a teaching material about Danish colonialism in the West Indies (7-10 o'clock and youth education)

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The teaching material is about Danish colonialism in the Caribbean. The material reviews Danish-West Indian history with the aim of getting students to reflect on how history is experienced, remembered, used and told. The teaching material is built around student assignments and discussion questions based on the use of history and invites to studies of history through a broad source concept, where both art, museum objects and social media also become an entry point to the meanings of the past and contribute to expand students' understanding of history.

The Battle for Power (4-6 p.m.)

This material covers the Middle Ages in West Zealand. Start reading The struggle for power and then use the exercise book. The exercise book also contains ideas for places to visit in West Zealand, where the Middle Ages are still visible in the landscape. Students can also make their own game on page 19 of the exercise book. The game board or card can be printed out below.

The struggle for power - reading booklet

The struggle for power - exercise book

The struggle for power - short


Note: Danish only