Educational profile

educational profile

In the School Service at Museum Vestsjælland, we take our starting point in our unique, local history. The encounter with local history must give children and young people new experiences with and perspectives on their home region. At the same time, local history connects to central parts of Danish and world history.

The overall focus of the School Service at Museum Vestsjælland is cultural citizenship. We want children, young people and adults to experience that art and cultural history can help to open up for community, democratic dialogue, involvement and commitment.

The school service continuously explores the museum as an alternative learning space in collaboration with educators and teachers. That is why we focus on user involvement and partnerships with educational institutions and institutions.

At the same time as we represent an alternative learning space, the course of the School Service also supports the common goals of the primary school, the pedagogical curricula of the kindergartens and the curricula of the upper secondary educations.

We are based on the world of life of children and young people, and focus on involving the students. At the museum, history and art become alive and physical. And experiential learning helps to open up the world in new ways.

We work with many different pedagogical methods. Common is that they are always based on authentic objects and stories, and are adapted to the target group. Among other things, we work with:

  • Dialogue-based teaching.
  • Object-based teaching.
  • Role play, EDUlarp and dilemma-based teaching.
  • Historical and artistic workshops as well as practical skills.
  • Aesthetic learning processes.

The school service at Museum Vestsjælland is the result of a partnership between Museum Vestsjælland and the School Service - Knowledge Center for external learning environments.

Contact the museum's Education and Development Manager Marlene Kramm for further information
Tel: 41 37 92 53


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