Ringsted Medieval Festival is a historical festival, which is held in Klosterlunden in Ringsted town center. The festival was first held in 2009 and has only grown bigger since then. The last festival was held in 2018, where about 12.000 happy and eager guests made their way past Ringsted Medieval Festival.

In 2022, it is the seventh time we hold the Ringsted Medieval Festival in Klosterlunden. The festival is a medieval festival as you know it with stalls, theater, medieval music, fun and fire shows, food and drink, but we also know something else that most other festivals can not. The festival takes place right where great significant events took place in the Middle Ages in and around Sct. Bendts Church in Ringsted. 

That is why Ringsted Medieval Festival has every year had a historical event as the main theme of the event - and this year is no exception. This year we celebrate the 850th anniversary of the church party in Sct. Bendts Church. 

We celebrate this with a bang of a church party for the opening of the festival on August 26 at. 16.00, where we will be visited by Her Royal Highness Princess Benedict and Bishop of Roskilde Diocese Peter Fischer-Møller.

The festival is a collaboration between Museum Vestsjælland, Ringsted Municipality, clergy group and parish council at Sct. Bendts Church, local associations, local business, local volunteers and charities and the local press. 

Ringsted Medieval festival 2022 Knight

This year, Ringsted Medieval Festival celebrates the 850th anniversary of the church festival in Sct. Bendt's Church.

Here, King Valdemar the Great Denmark's great men invited to Ringsted, where he crowned his 7-year-old son, Knud VI, as king in the first royal coronation in Danish history. At the same time, he shrugged the bones of his father, Knud Lavard, who papally approved the saint in a shrine on the church altar, thereby demonstrating that the royal family was God's chosen ruling family. In doing so, Valdemar effectively introduced hereditary monarchy instead of the electoral monarchy.

The coronation and burial took place in the newly built Sct. Bendts Church, whose eastern half was completed in 1170, as Denmark's oldest large brick church. Thus, Ringsted Medieval Festival conveys Denmark's first royal coronation, the burial of Knud Lavard, and the church's and bricks' 850th anniversary.

At Ringsted Medieval Festival, it will be possible to experience this event with your own eyes when we perform it as a play led by the acting troupe Dei Gratia in Sct. Bendts Church every day during the festival. In other words, you will get really close to the story and experience it on your own body when Valdemar crowns his son and shelves his father right where it all took place 850 years ago. For the opening ceremony on August 26, we will perform the play with royal and religious participation, where you are also invited.

Actor group_ Dei Gratia_Ringsted Medieval Festival
Actor group_ Dei Gratia_Ringsted Medieval Festival

the practical

Opening hours: Friday, August 26 at 16.00-21.00 / Saturday 27 August at 10.00-21.00 / Sunday 28 August at 10.00-14.00. 

Price: It does not cost anything to enter the festival site and you can experience most performances for free.

Parking: The car park at the roundabout in front of Sct. Bendts will be barred during the festival. We refer to the other parking spaces in Ringsted town center and recommend parking at the large parking lot at Ringsted Outlet, which is located 1 kilometer from Klosterlunden, approx. 13 minutes walk.

Public transport: Klosterlunden is located 800 meters from Ringsted train station, approx. 10 minutes walk.  

contact us

If you are interested in volunteering and would like to hear more, send us an email at festival@vestmuseum.dk

Ringsted Medieval Festival 2022


2018 The time of the widow queen

Thank you for a fantastic festival in 2018.

Here you can see highlights from the entire festival: 

The big play

Every year at the Ringsted Medieval Festival, a play is played that takes place over several days. 

Here you can see the play in its full length, divided into five acts: 

Act 1. Miracles at King Erik Plovpenning's Holy Sepulcher

Act 2. The murder of King Erik Klipping

Act 3. The Supreme Court case against Erik Klipping's murderers

Act 4. The consecration of King Erik Plovpenning's Holy Sepulcher

Act 5. Coronation of King Erik Menved

Many thanks to the actors, musicians, volunteers and everyone else who helped make this year's festival a great event as well.