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Ringsted Archive

Ringsted Archive is open for personal guidance on Tuesdays 11-16, just as we answer written inquiries during this time. You can search in Ringsted Archive's collections at You can also write an email with your question on

Some of the archive's material is stored in a remote magazine, so contact us in advance if you are looking for something specific. 

Ringsted Archive has various exciting events. You will find them below "It happens".

Ringsted Archive

We do that

Ringsted Archive collects, preserves and disseminates local historical material from the area covered by Ringsted Municipality. We work professionally with history, based on current legislation in the field of archives and GDPR, just as we are a member of the Organization of Danish Archives (ODA). There is no actual archive law for Local Archives. Ringsted Archive does not cover the municipal administration, and Ringsted Archive's material is not subject to the Museum Act, even though the archive is organizationally part of a museum.

We have that

Ringsted Archive contains approx. 400 shelf meters of archive material from private individuals, associations, schools and companies associated with Ringsted. We have approx. 50.000 photos of which approx. 1/3 is digitized, 400 audio tapes, 200 films, as well as a library of local topics, such as anniversary writings, memoirs, local historical studies and stories. The material covers the period from approx. 1700 to today.

Welcome to the Picture Archive

As a starting point, you are welcome to photograph or scan images from Ringsted Archive. However, you are responsible for clarifying any copyright obligations as well as GDPR legislation.
Always write "Ringsted Archive" next to the pictures you get from here - especially if you post them on social media. Then others can also find their way to the archive - and we avoid the same image being submitted several times!

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