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The time pocket has experiences for young and old, adults and children, families and students.

Fun games where you have to plow fields, put puzzles together, take part in big decisions in the king's council chamber and much more. Walks on historical sites with a virtual archaeologist or historian. Exciting, subtle and instructive sound stories in the wild. You will find all the experiences inside the app and out in the countryside.

Latest news

in the Time Pocket

Four Fates - Four Tales - Four Cities

Experience the brand new Medieval Route in the Time Pocket!

The medieval route is a beautiful sound walk through Kalundborg, Sorø, Slagelse and Ringsted with Tidslommen.

You can experience the individual places separately, or all four places to get the overall story of Denmark's Middle Ages.

St. Bendt's Church is burning!

On a hot morning in June 1806, the citizens of Ringsted discover smoke over the city. There has been a fire in Ringsted Kloster's barn buildings.

People rush to the square in front of the monastery and now see to their horror that the fire has gripped the whole barn. Soon after, the flames leap to St. Bendt's Church right next door!

The city's landmark and meeting point, the large church, is on fire.

Experience the fateful day with Tidslommen's virtual reality experience at Sankt Bendts Kirke in Ringsted or at Ringsted Museum.

Climate and floods - try the new game in the Time Pocket

Go to Audebo Pumping Station and try the game The fight against the water in the Time Pocket. Here you need to maintain the pumping station and make sure that Odsherred is not flooded.
While now at Audebo Pumping Station, you can also watch our film in Tidslommen about the pumping station, the ice age and the landscape.

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Your path to good experiences in the open air. So go to one of the many places where we have experiences in Tidslommen. You can see all the places inside the app. To use the content, you have to visit the places in reality. We have guided tours with virtual historians, archaeologists and nature guides, as well as games where you have to actively participate to open the door to the past. So pick up the Time Pocket today and have a good trip in the fresh air.

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Here is a selection of the experiences:

The pirates are coming!

Medieval pirates attack Korsør. Go to Korsør Fortress with the Time Pocket. Here you must help the king's man to defend the coast.
Play with Tidslommen in Korsør.

The power of the sun

In the Bronze Age, the sun was worshiped as a god. Go to the Bronze Age and help in the field - but something is wrong!
Play with Tidslommen at Solvognens Fundsted.

The king's friend

The king's friend is hurt! Go to Antvorskov Klosterruin and help him heal. As a reward, you are locked into the king's council chamber!
Play with Tidslommen at Antvorskov Klosterruin.

The sacrifice in Tyrs Sø

The blacksmith of the Vikings is preparing sacrificial offerings for the big party. But the most important gift is gone! You have to step in and help.
Play with Tidslommen at Fugledegård.

The fight against the water

Odsherred is about to be flooded! You need to keep the dam straight and save as many families as possible.
Play with the Time Pocket at Audebo Pumping Station.

… and much more!

Find it all in the Time Pocket

Sound walks and guided tours
See the landscape in a whole new way!

Armed to the teeth

In Nygård Lake is a small island. In the Middle Ages, it was heavily fortified with a drawbridge, palisades and tower. Who lived here?

Use Tidslommen at Næsholm Borgruin.


Zealand's largest heath

Take a trip to Vesterlyng. Here you can experience the raw nature, watch birds and visit the lovely beach.

Use the Time Pocket at Vesterlyng and see it all a little from above.


The story of Erik

What was it like to be a child in the Middle Ages? Follow the story of Erik at St. Bendt's Church in Ringsted. The film can be experienced in several sections in Tidslommen and is made together with local students.

Use the Time Pocket at St. Bendt's Church in Ringsted


... and much much more. Find all the experiences in Tidslommen!

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