Creatures of the dark – Trolls and superstitions

FB The Troll Throws the Pocket Stone Ill Erik Petri

On Wednesday during the winter holidays, Sorø Museum talks about trolls, which everyone has always been wary of.

Learn how to ward off sorcery with simple techniques.

Make yourself comfortable in the museum's exhibition on the Creatures of Darkness and get fantastic stories about trolls who throw stones at churches, about babies who have been switched with troll cubs, and about how to avoid the troll's evil powers.

Afterwards, the children can make a troll's crown from natural materials, help the troll Piglet on a small treasure hunt and themselves be the piece in the 7-9-13 game about superstition.

It is for children according to an adult.

Be sure of a place and buy a ticket for the activity in advance.
Remaining tickets are for sale at the door.
Accompanying adults who purchase an entrance ticket are on sale at the door.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, this event will be held in Danish

Activity ticket - not incl. entrance
DKK 25, -
12 Feb 2022 - 14 Feb 2024
10:30 - 11:30


Sorø Museum
Sorø Museum
Storgade 17, 4180 Sorø


Sorø Museum
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Note: Danish only