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The group's artists created linoleum cuts for posters that all had activist messages. The posters hung in the youth room, in the collective's kitchen - and on the streets and alleys.

RED MOTHER worked from 1969 to 1978 and during that period the artist collective put pictures of ten landmark years in the wake of the student uprising. Art was put to work to agitate for solidarity and change. There are calls for a fight against those in power, pollution, hunger, war and injustice.

In RED MOTHER's own manifesto it read: “Instead, we want to make our art available to the working class and help create a political, proletarian art. By political art we mean an art that describes the conditions of society and takes a political position. By proletarian art we mean an art which takes a - in the Marxist sense - proletarian position. The task of the political, proletarian artist is to wage class struggle in the cultural field. We must prevent the spread of the prevailing ideology in the classes facing capital. We want to create an art that helps to give the working class an identity. An art that is a weapon in the class struggle - RED MOTHER"

The artist collective was based on Tuse Næs and the collection of posters belongs to Museum Vestsjælland. The exhibition is a re-hanging of the exhibition which unfortunately had to close prematurely during the corona in the winter of 2020-21.

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Apr 07, 2022 - 20 Dec 2022
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