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On September 19, 1944, approx. 2000 Danish policemen interned by the German occupying forces, who deported them to Germany. They were given the status of prisoners of war and came to prison camps. One of them was Axel Munk-Andersen from Holbæk, who worked at the police station on Rosenvænget in Copenhagen.

Axel Munk-Andersen was originally a trained artist and during his captivity in the Buchenwald concentration camp, he drew everyday life in the camp. First on small pieces of paper and later on sheet music, when the Germans found out that he had talent and therefore wanted to be drawn by him. The drawings depict the terrible conditions that were the daily life of the prisoners in Buchenwald until the liberation.

Aksel Munk-Andersen's heirs have chosen to donate the collection of his works from before, during and after the internment to our department in Holbæk.

In the special exhibition: Artist in concentration camp, the drawings hang side by side, and all guests can enjoy the very special works of art here.

Watch the feature on TV East on 17 September 2020 here

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Aksel Munk-Andersen was one of the prisoners who came home with the white buses on the day of liberation on 5 May 1945 after the camp was opened on 11 April the same year.

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