Purpose and ambitions


We are Central and West Zealand's common memory and create spaces where everyone can experience and explore our rich cultural heritage.

  • Memory - both backwards, now and in the future - MVE is a "bank" for the cultural heritage

  • Creates space - both physically in the form of accessibility, but also space understood as possibilities

  • EVERYONE - we must make sure that we are relevant to a wide range of our citizens

  • Experience and explore - we provide knowledge, but must also provide the opportunity for the individual to explore and work further with the cultural heritage

Ambition 1: The research must be strengthened and integrated into the museum's dissemination

  • We work with research-based special exhibitions and dissemination

  • We must enter into and establish national and international research collaborations

  • We must develop research projects on an ongoing basis

  • We prioritize that all research must have a built-in dissemination aspect that is aimed at non-researchers / museum guests

Ambition 2: Dissemination must increase the museum's visibility and relevance locally, regionally and nationally

  • We want to show the special thing about West Zealand

  • We prepare specific initiatives for defined target groups

  • We create spaces and frameworks for user-involved activities

  • We designate a number of common art and cultural-historical common areas

Ambition 3: Cooperation with municipalities and local and regional actors must be further strengthened

  • We work for visibility and ownership through collaboration with cultural and educational institutions, companies, municipalities and citizens

  • We seek out and collaborate with local associations around collection and dissemination

Ambition 4: We must be an attractive workplace that attracts and retains the best employees

  • We work focused on the development of the mental and physical work environment

  • We designate and live by common values

  • We collaborate and communicate respectfully across the organization

  • We take responsibility for the organization and work for simple solutions

  • We help one another

  • We set up a working group that works with concretization and implementation of the above


Note: Danish only