Museum Vestsjælland collects memories of Christmas and New Year during the corona

The celebration of Christmas and New Year 2020 was for many of us very different than we are used to. In 2020, there were restrictions on gatherings, many shops were closed and the same was true of restaurants and amusements. And no one had been vaccinated yet.

This year, the vaccine has been rolled out and at the time of writing, the shutdown is minimal compared to 2020. And yet there is a prospect that the holiday will be celebrated differently than before.

Museum Vestsjælland has previously collected memories of the life lived under the corona. Now we would like to hear more about what it was like to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the corona as a companion. Both in 2020 and here in 2021.

If you would like to contribute to our collection, you can send an email (and preferably also photos) to and tell about your Christmas and New Year experiences during corona.

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