Historical walks with a large following

2 out of the 3 planned historical walks have been carried out with great success

In collaboration with the Dansk Vandrelaug, Museum Vestsjælland has offered three historical walking tours. All tours are accompanied by a professional tour guide from the Danish Hiking Association, while one of the museum's inspectors is responsible for short historical highlights along the way. All tours are also accompanied by brand new audio narrations, now available on Historical Walks for free listening both before, during and after the trips.
You can still manage to experience a historic walk with a guide, as on 1 November we will take a brisk walk halfway around Korsør Nor of approx. 13 km. with a beautiful view over the canal to both Tårnborg Church and all the way to the Great Belt Bridge. Read more about the trip here.
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MVE historical walking tour 2023

Free walking podcasts for three historic walks

In collaboration with the Dansk Vandrelaug, Museum Vestsjælland offered three historical walking tours in 2023. All the tours were well attended and you can now visit them for free


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