Great deposit for Odsherred's Art Museum


On 19 December, Geopark Odsherred received an early Christmas present. Namely the painting A big day in Odsherred (2022) by the renowned visual artist, Erik A. Frandsen. The large painting of 2 x 3 meters has been donated by the Poul Johansen Foundation on the occasion of the Tour de France cycling its way through Odsherred on 2 July 2022.
The artist himself was present and talked about his thoughts behind the work and the motifs.
Odsherred's Art Museum has been allowed to exhibit the painting when we reopen on 4 March 2023.

The painting had the working title Album and it makes sense when you notice that it consists of nine independent paintings, assembled on one surface. Erik A. Frandsen has for a long time been fascinated by cycling and has reproduced the cyclists in his art. With this large painting, he has taken the step further. He has rethought the classic victor and hero portrait, which has filled a part in the history of art. Just think of equestrian statues with kings on horseback.

The painting is a tribute to the sport, all its practitioners and to the winner – because there was a winner after all. At the same time, it is a tribute to the Tour, which is so much more than a bicycle race. There is a focus on the landscapes and the surroundings the race takes place in. The surroundings are Odsherred. Perhaps you recognize in the small landscape paintings Solvognens Fundsted, Sanddobberne seen from the water side, Høve Stræde (better known as Côte d'Høve Stræde, in cycling circles) and Dragsholm Castle - seen from a TV helicopter perspective.

In this way, Erik A. Frandsen has not only rethought the hero portrait, he has at the same time suggested a modern way of making a history painting. Here, it is not the battlefield or the naval battle that is summarized in a picture, but A great day in Odsherred – the day the world was at the other end and the Tour de France ran through Odsherred.
We thank you for the loan and we look forward to exhibiting the painting.

TV2Øst stopped by to cover the unveiling of the artwork - see the feature below:

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