Become a partnership school


Museum Vestsjælland works closely with schools in our six municipalities to develop new educational and cultural offerings that support the educational institutions' competence and learning goals.

The collaboration between the museum's teachers and the educational institutions' teachers and educators depends on the individual teaching project, including, for example, subject combinations, the degree of involvement and co-development.
Common to all our collaborations is an equal approach to development work with respect for each other's disciplines and core areas.

Some collaborative relationships result in more established partnerships, which are characterized by an ongoing and continuous collaboration between the schools' teaching teams and the museum's teachers.

If you have an idea, or want to join, you can contact the museum's Education and Development Manager Marlene Kramm at
Tel: 41 37 92 53

Partnership models in the open school

Get inspired to work with learning partnerships between schools and museums in this material. It contains:

  • Partnership models for collaboration between museum and school.
  • Good advice on implementation and development of partnership work.
  • Case examples of partnerships between Museum Vestsjælland and local schools.
  • Statements from museums and schools on various aspects of partnership work.

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