Art Soroe exhibits at Sorø Museum

Art Soroe has entered into an agreement with Sorø Museum to exhibit the members' works from 15 November until 22 December 2023.

Art Soroe has held the first exhibitions in September and October, where most of the artists were represented with their works.

Some of the artists in Art Soroe have participated in censored exhibitions.

The styles are very different, and we look forward to exhibiting art by Berit Erstad, Inge Vestergård and Hanne Steensen at Sorø Museum.

The exhibition can be seen in the museum's opening hours until 22 December 2023.

About Soroe Art

Art Soroe is a new art association in Sorø Municipality. A founding general meeting was held in March 2023, and today there are 24 artists who all have great passion for their art. Follow Soroe Art on their Facebook page Art Association Art Soroe.

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